What am I doing wrong while planning my Qantas RTW redemption?

Back here again, I feel like I’m hitting every rookie mistake lol

So trying to fly business class where possible between Jun/Jul 2023 to USA and Europe:


The trip we have is:

19/6 MEL-PER-HKG Business
20/6 HKG-JFK (stop) Premium
24/6 JFK-HEL (stop) Business
4/7 OSL-LON-ATH (stop) Business
16/7 ATH-MAD-BRU (stop) Business
23/7 CDG-CMB Business
25/7 CMB-SYD Economy
25/7 SYD-MEL Business

When called up they said there’s no business seats PER-HK (website is showing that there are) and when I try booking the first 6 flights through the multi-city tool I get an undefined error and sent back to the start.

Any ideas on what’s happening and how to troubleshoot? We’re looking to lock down the longer haul flights Aus-USA and Eur-Aus at least and the other flights we can figure out later. Also open to alternate roots, people in this community are wizards!

Qantas website doesn’t like surface sectors in Multi-city bookings so that’s probably why the errors are there.
I just checked and it seems Melbourne to Perth to Hong Kong is no longer showing up on the 19th. Options are available on the 22nd of June from Melbourne to Sydney to Hong Kong or 18th via Perth. So if you are happy to shift your itinerary by a couple of days later, this could be a good option.

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