Westpac Altitude Transfer - Can I transfer to 2 different frequent flyer accounts?

Hi PH Community,

Would appreciate your help and advice as I am new to the whole points game.

I have 550,000 Altitude points with my Westpac CC. I want to redeem the points before the devaluation on 9 Novemeber 2016.

I am trying to redeem half my points to my Krisflyer account and the other half to my partner. I have tried the bank and Singapore airlines and they have advised that this is not possible. I bascially wanted to redeem to two separate cards because when I use my points to redeem a flight, I want to be able to do it for both her and I.

Was wondering if anyone knew a way to do this??

I would be grateful for any advice provided!

P.S. If there is a better way to use my Altitude points before the revaluation, I’m open to other suggestions as well.



It is common practice across most programs that both the account from which you transfer have to match the destination account.

With Krisflyer, it is relatively easy fix.

Just send it all to your KF account. Add your other half as a redemption nominee. When you are doing that, there is an option to add her as the authorised nominee-> which means she can make redemptions on your behalf.

Hope that solves your problem.

I think it does, thanks W-hieu! :slight_smile: