Westpac Altitude Black 100k QFF Promo - When do I receive the points?

Hi, How long does it take for the bonus points from point hacks to show in Frequent flyer account.
I have a Westpac Altitude black and the 50,000 points came through from the bank this month but nothing from point hacks. Thanks!

Hi Natalie,

Firstly, no part of the 100k QFF points will be paid out by Point Hacks. Point Hacks just earn a commission if the card is applied from a link on Point Hack website (always disclosed near link). Points will be paid out by the relevant banks.

Secondly, I have the same card too and received my 1st 50k in the 1 statement after reaching 5k spend. I suspect the second 50k will be in the following statement. T&C did say within 60 days of 5k spend (if my memory serves me fine).

Hence, hold on tight and if you do not get another 50k after 60 days, ring up Westpac.