We are planning a trip to Chile, how can we maximise our Qantas Points to book Business Class seats?

Hi all,

Planning family trip to Chile in Nov 2016, however, am very confused with how many points do I need for business class ticket on Qantas.  Done a bit o research and it seems that we need 134 000 each way, x3 =402 000 p/p. Which is 804 000 return.

Am I right? If this is correct, we are doomed as we only have about 150 000 points. Can someone give us an idea how to achieve what we want but with less points?

Thanks in advance


Unfortunately I don’t think it would be possible for you to get business class flights to Chile using points. You’re correct in saying you’ll need around 600-800,000 points to fly to Chile return. It would be incredibly difficult to get the 600,000 points you need in a short time period.

However, even if you had enough points, Qantas makes very few business seats available using points to Santiago. Over a two week period, they might make 2-3 seats available. And by that I mean 2-3 seats on the 14 flights in a two week period, not per flight. There is very little competition between Australia and South America and as such, the airlines tend to be able to sell business seats for cash and don’t need to make any available to use with points. Trying to get an upgrade using points is also highly unlikely for these reasons.

Sorry it won’t be possible. It was a shock to me when I first learnt how many points it costs on Qantas to get business class tickets and the fact they’re so difficult to find!

Better option might be Prem Econ - I managed to book 2 returns tickets using 288,000 Qantas points - albeit 6 months in advance.