Ways of using Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles before they expire?

I have approx 13000 points wit Enrich that I have, mistakenly, accumulated over the past year whilst travelling in business class to Europe.

Although the points will expire at the end of the year I d like to know what options have I got in using them as I don’t think I will be flying with Malaysia Air this year.

I don’t travel much however I have an upcoming flight to Cairns in case I could use it to upgrade to business so that I don’t waste the point all together.



Don't worry, your Enrich miles is not useless. Malaysian airlines allow miles + cash option, starting with as low as 1000 miles. The extra cash needed is not expensive either (unlike SQ), so you can practically go anywhere you want that MH fly to.

As Keith has pointed out already, the Enrich sweet spot is AUS - Europe on business class for only 51000 miles one way, and you can fly to LHR or CDG on their A380s. For the cash component, from just 1000 miles, the round trip would only cost you between $3400-3700 rt (subject to exchange rate, and if departing LHR, you have to pay APD, which is about extra $300). So with 13000 miles, I am sure it will be cheaper.

Of course you can always just go to Asia if your time doesn't allow you to go to Europe this year.

Please note, the above redemption rate is only applicable to MH operated flights only. If you are looking at OW partner redemption, the rate would be much more expensive, and I don't think you can do miles plus cash. So 13000 miles would be rather useless in this instance. I don't think you can use your Enrich point to upgrade a Qantas flight to Cairns if that is what you were planning.

I am not sure what you meant by "I don't think I will be flying with Malaysia Air this year", do you mean you try to avoid it because of the 2 crashes last year, or simply you won't have a chance to fly it? Because if it is the former, then there is not much you can do with your Enrich points.

Just received an email from Enrich, unfortunately from Feb 16 they will devalue their redemption chart. One way to a Europe will be 90k (76.5k online) instead of 60k (51k). That's a whopping 50% increase. 

Although MH might have a bad rep with your wife, u might reconsider to use it before Feb 16. After all, the 2 crashes are hardly MH's fault, but the act of terrorism. 

Hi Sandro:

Points Pro is by Ben Schlappig's team, AKA Lucky. He owns the blog One Miles at a Time and is fully legit.  I will not have any doubt in using them. But it is interesting to know that they can actually find seats when SQ website says "Waitlist". I think they have the access into the airline's inventory and knowing how many "award seats" each flight has, so they probably know those seats will eventually be cleared.