Virgin Velocity Gold Status - How much status credits do I need?

Hi, just wondering how the Virgin Status Credits and sectors work.

I currently have 170 status credits which starts to expire in Dec but I will be flying with my family just before that. I will clearly reach the 250 for silver. I was wondering how the next level of gold allocation works. The web site says 500 status credits to gold.

My question is:

is it 500 status credits from Zero - ie a new user ?

or is it 500 status credits on top of the 250 required to get to silver (Therefore 750 status credits)

the same with sectors 2 for red 4 for gold or is it really 6 sectors?

I am asking because if it is really 750 Status Credits (which I will not meet before Dec) I would prefer to reassign my family pool to ensure my partner gets silver as well.


It’s total, not cumulative. 500 SCs and 4 sectors in one membership year.

To be elevated to Gold Status you need to achieve 500 Status Credits in a rolling 12 months.

If you have status credits expiring in December, you will need to have earned 500 Status Credits in the 365 days prior to those credits expiring.

So no, you don’t really start again. You’re gold will be determined by the rolling 12 month total.

Same goes for the sectors.

Thanks for your responses.

I’m just going to go for two Silvers as I will be 10 SC short and my 3 sectors I have booked are through AizNZ and not Virgin.  I didn’t realise that even though code share you don’t get the sectors unless it is booked through Virgin or flown by Virgin.