Virgin Atlantic - any way to know whether seats have been released?

Hi All,

I’m trying to book 2 x business reward seats on Virgin Atlantic from HK to LON - any date in August or September 2018.

Following along with the Virgin Atlantic booking guide from the newsletter last week, I called Velocity and tried to book over the phone.

However, we couldn’t find a date with any availability. The operator said he didn’t know whether the seats were already booked or whether they hadn’t been released at all.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to find this out? Should I contact Virgin Atlantic directly? Or is my best bet to call velocity back and get them to literally check every day in Aug / Sep for next year?


Flight bookable directly on Virgin Atlantic is opened till 23 Aug 2018 at the time of writing. I might suggest to try and call to ask about 23 or 24th Aug tomorrow. They should open 1 day at a time. However, I am not familiar with how many award seats they offer to Velocity.