Velocity reward seats - Can you pre-select your seats?

Hi, I’m looking to book Virgin flights and use points for the first time. I have 110,000 velocity points and looking to book domestic flights Perth to Sydney and then back Brisbane to Perth (driving Sydney to Brisbane) for Jan 2018. If you book a ‘Reward Seat’ for an economy seat can you still choose your seat in the plane? We are booking for 2 adults and 4 kids and looks like should be able to get two persons there and back on points. Just want to ensure if two of us pay with points with ‘Reward Seats’ that the other four (paying with cash) that we can all still sit close to each other. Also when looking at booking this on the ‘Points plus Pay’ section- it’s not clear how I book the 4 seats to be paid with cash and no points- does this need a seperate transaction? Cheers!


You can select your seats when booking or under “manage booking” with the booking reference and other required details.

I believe you would have to book the reward seats and cash (revenue) bookings separately.

I would choose the seats if possible when booking. You could make the 2 bookings or select the seats concurrently with 2 different browsers opened.

There should still be plenty of options available for Jan 2018.

Depending on how old the kids are, I would put 1 adult in redemption and another adult on cash fare so that there would be 1 adult in both bookings.

Don’t forget family pooling of the points and status points for the cash fares.


Also, don’t worry about picking up the phone and talking to them. I recently flew with 2 kids and had to make two different bookings (one was an Amex free flight, the other two on points), and you can’t book unaccompanied minors on points on the website. One quick call, and it was all sorted out and the bookings were linked / joined together.