Velocity Redemption for Delta Reward Seats - how good is availability?

A couple weeks ago I called Velocity to find out availability for a flight between Vancouver and Denver on 23/7. Only options presented were all Delta First ® – which is fine at 23,500 + $13~. Flight connected in Seattle and was worth over $750USD when booked directly through Delta.

Finally confirmed my dates for the trip and called Velocity only to be told that the flights on that date are all gone. I have now discovered ExpertFlyer and can confirm that, despite Delta’s SkyMiles showing availability with the same number of points as was previously (a different reward class?).

My only options are to either wait and pray for more openings or redeem the second leg from Seattle – Denver (which is available) and pay for the first half (~$160USD). Could/would Delta link the bookings? The stopover from the original quote was 50 minutes but if I was to do two bookings, I guess I would need to make it 3 hours (the next earlier flight) to re-check-in if they can’t link (and enjoy their Seattle lounge ).

I am wondering what the possibility of more R type reward seats opening up with Delta?


You may have missed the boat. With Velocity redemptions, its usually much better to redeem 1st and make changes later as the change fee is a relative low $60.

I agree with leaving more time is it is a separate booking (different PNR).

You can hope and pray that more seat get released but I wouldn’t bet on that happening.

I have redeemed 2 Business Class tickets with Delta and 2 ‘First Class’ via Velocity last year.