Velocity Points - When will international flight redemption and bank reward transfers recommence?

So do we have any idea when we will be able to use our Velocity Points to book international flights again?

And when will we be able to convert bank rewards points such as ANZ rewards points to Velocity Points again?

Seems that Velocity has completely dropped the ball. Virgin have been back now for a while.

Virgin is flying domestically for quite a while now, you can use your points for that.
International travel is still almost non-existent, so I imagine it will take a few more months at least.

Regarding ANZ, they are probably still “worried” about getting the money back for their points, I have a small balance with them and chasing them regularly. My next annual fee is on Feb, so I will probably redeem the points for a gift card if nothing will change.

Thanks for the reply, but I can’t accept that Velocity and the banks haven’t got together by now to sort this out. And whilst obviously we aren’t flying internationally now, I’m talking about wanting to make international redemptions for late '21 and '22.