Velocity or Krisflyer - what would you do in this example?

Thanks to the great feedback on an earlier question of mine - I am focusing on achieving gold status via the Velocity program as I am now flying fairly frequently to Singapore & Thailand.

I have booked a return flight to Singapore next month via Velocity. However, I now need to extend my trip and fly into Bangkok for a couple of days in the middle of the trip.

I don’t seem to have the option to book this flight via Virgin so I’ll need to book it on Singapore Airlines directly, meaning any status credits for that will go to Kris Flyer rather than my Velocity account. Is that correct or have I missed a step here?

Second related question - when I was focusing more on QFF - I liked that I was able, in most instances, able to use my points for awards upgrades to business on my international flights. I don’t seem to be able to do this as easily with Velocity as the flights are operated by SIA - again, have I missed a step here?


You are able to credit all flights booked through & flown with Singapore Airlines, To you Velocity account. You will earn velocity points and status credits, just quote your VA FF number in your booking. Same goes if you fly with Etihad and Air NZ, You will also earn status credits with VA on those airlines if you quote your FF number.\r\nVirgin is generous in this instance.\r\nNote with Krisflyer, If you fly Virgin on VA flight number, \r\nYou are able to credit your points/miles earn to your Krisflyer account but will not be able to earn ‘elite miles’ (Krisflyers version of status credits) in your Krisflyer account. (unless its a code-share flight number i.e SQXXX)\r\nKrisflyer may take this harder stance, most likely because it is affiliated in Star Alliance, which all member airlines have very mutual agreements in status earn.\r\nVirgin is not in Star alliance so it would be ‘unfair’ for example for people to reach star alliance gold via Krisflyer from flying on VA flights, hence why no status is earn’t this way,\r\n Singapore Airlines owns a stake in Virgin hence their special relationship & its great that you can earn VA status credits and points on your VA account, if you fly with Singapore Airlines\r\n\r\n

As for award upgrades, on a code-share flight.\r\nSame goes if you book a Qantas flight number but flown/operated by Emirates.\r\nYou are not able to use Qantas points to upgrade on the Emirates operated flight.\r\n\r\nI’m fairly sure this is the same as a Virgin Flight number flown/operated by Singapore Airlines. They will not allow you to use your Velocity points to upgrade on the SQ operated flight.\r\n\r\nAlso note Singapore Airlines only allows Fully Flex fares purchased through them, available for upgrade, with only the use of Krisfyer miles.\r\nWhich is also known as ‘Bad’ redemption value. As it is costly for the original fare + you use miles on top of this, poor point-dollar value.\r\nSave your Krisflyer miles (or converted Velocity points) for outright business class award redemption’s as that is often know as the best value for your points and money.

Thanks contract3 for the very detailed response/comment. As we can only ‘accept response’ and not comments, I just wanted to thank you for your great contribution.\r\n\r\nCheers.


You can credit your flights (Singapore Air or Virgin Australia) to Singapore Air or Virgin Australia. As long as they are partners or in the same alliance, it works for all airlines. e.g. I can credit Emirates flights to Qantas because they are partners.

If you are keen, transfer your Velocity points to Krisflyer (1.35:1 either way of transfer) and use your Krisflyer points to upgrade (subject to award space availability).

Thanks for getting back to me. I perhaps should have been clearer with my questions.

The flight between Singapore & Thailand - I was referring more to my status credits here. As I see it, I can’t earn any status credits on velocity with this booking as I can’t book with them direct?

As for the upgrades - I’m aware of the ability to transfer miles. That’s not problem. However, I am trying to book everything through Velocity at the moment until I can get up to Gold status.

My issue is that because I booked via Velocity, I cant now try and use my Velocity miles to try and get a points upgrade on my flight to Singapore.


Thanks so much for the detailed answers everyone - really helps and makes much more sense now.