Velocity Explore Gold - tips on the cheapest way to get 80 Status Credits?

I’ve recently been added to the Velocity Explore Gold program and I need to earn 80 SCs by the end of September to keep Gold for another 12 months. Sounds easy, but it’s the time of year that I don’t fly much (will be taking a lot of flights in Jan-March next year and Gold will make them so much nicer).

Any tips on getting to 80 SCs as cheaply as possible, out of Adelaide?

Since Virgin dropped the status credits for short domestic flights in January it’s made this a bit harder as cheap multi leg options don’t add up as quickly anymore. How many flights/trips do you want (are you willing) to take to achieve? For the quick and dirty method most options are going to cost around the $900-1000 mark that I’ve quickly looked at. If you want it in one flight, one day. Full Business direct to Melbourne and return in Full Flex Economy does it but it’s going to be approx $940

Virgin have had some amazing specials to Hong Kong lately… Either on their own planes via Melbourne or through other ports and with partner airlines for the international leg.