Using Velocity frequent flyer points - how to find good deals to Europe?

Hi guys.

I want to ask 3 questions:

  1. There is currently 100k bonus points offer for velocity amex cc. It says the referral scheme provides 30k for he person who refers his family/ friends n they get approved for it. Is it right ?

  2. I am planning a trip to London/Europe next yr. and i live in perth. I couldn’t find any good deals for velocity for this route. All the business class seats are like more than 500k points for this route. Has any1 got any idea about how should i go for it. I have read the “best use of 100k velocity points”, but i guess it won’t apply to people in WA.

  3. Lastly the amex free ticket says it isn’t from Perth to Sydney n brisbane.
    Does any1 know if it is still from Perth to Melbourne ?



  1. That is correct. You as the referer gets 30k and an eligible referee gets the signup bonus.

  2. You generally should look for “reward seats” e.g. business rewards. Anything other than a reward seat costs a lot more as it is proportional to the cash fare. Velocity award space availability leaves a lot to be desired. Transfer to Krisflyer for better SQ availability if you are desperate.

  3. Not so sure there are too many free flights by Amex now. Maybe the Qantas or Velocity linked cards still have it. Usually Amex has a webpage that tells you what route is allowed.

Thanks for ur reply w-hiew.

With the business rewards seat with velocity, is there a specific way to look for or just use “points + pay”. , as there is a classic rewards flight option with qantas.

i am looking to book in april 2018 that is the last month they have got availability at the moment. All the normal points seats are gone for that.

I was planning to get the Velocity AMEX cc that has got 100k bonus, so u reckon there are limited options with velocity rewards seats ?

Whats the conversion rate of velocity to SQ  kris flyer?