Using Qantas points in Business Class One World Journey

Hello, I am seeking assistance.

I believe that my wife and I have adequate Qantas FF points to allow a oneworld journey in 2023 September to November, to allow the following journey at total 736,000 (318,000 x 2)

It is too early to book, so I have done some trial runs on basis of token start dates that are available for booking.

However I am unable to string any BC seats on flights to allow the following itinerary (with stopover lengths indicative only):

early September 2023 - Sydney to Washington DC (preferred airport DCA but other two would be ok)

Stopover DC 22 days

Washington DC to Dublin

Stopover Dublin 22 days

Dublin to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi stopover 5 days

Abu Dhabi - Delhi

Delhi stopover 9 days

Delhi - Sydney (would consider additional stopover before Sydney if helps)

Also, I note that we can book some legs direct with other airlines on same one-world trip, eg Cathay Pacific, American Airlines. How is this done, and I wish to use Qatas FF points

We would be very appreciative of advice


What do you mean unable to string together? If you use the qantas multi-city tool you should be able to do this. I do think that the calendar is not open to the later September dates though.

Hi. thanks, yes I am using the multi-city tool.

I am doing some trials ahead of September dates becoming available. I have tried getting BC seats on points for August flight but none are available. Economy only. I go back to mid June before I find a BC seat available on points.

I am anticipating that I will find no BC seats for my Septemeber flingts when the bookings open for the date

my apologies if I have not explained this well

Also I have read that I can book some RTW legs with other one-world partner airlines using Qantas points. Is this correct? How do I do that eg with American Airlines, Cathay Pacific or BA? Thanks

If you are using Qantas points, you can only search via Qantas website. You can use Qantas points for flights on Oneworld airlines and other Qantas partner airlines. Cathay Pacific, British Airways and American Airlines are all Oneworld airlines. If award/reward seats are available, it should technically show up on Qantas searches.

Problem is there is a finite amount of award seats and hundreds and thousands of Qantas members trying to catch up with travelling after covid. The amount of questions or posts on Oneworld RTW bookings have skyrocketed in the last 3-6 months.

Good luck and keep searching. Any more questions, we will do our best to help. Searching close to 11/12 mths in advance is what I’d recommend. Patience, persistence and flexibility is very much required. E.g. try searching for main flight hubs and focus on the long haul flights. You might need to pay for flights between main hubs and your intended city.

Thankyou, your advice is very much appreciated