Using Qantas Frequent Flyer points on Cathay Pacific flights?


I have two separate questions that I’d like to get help with if I can.

As a basis for both

  • Krisflyer miles - approx 75,000 (Gold status on Velocity)
  • Qantas FF points - approx 50,000
  • Emirates - approx 20,000
  1. Looking for a potential flight deal from Manila to Sydney, single or return. I’m happy with a layover/stopover and not flying direct if the deal is good.

I thought that I had read somewhere that I could use FF miles on partner airlines, in particular, Cathay and Asia Miles. Looked on Asia Miles and it was 45,000 AM return to Sydney. But then could not see how to use my FF miles to book this - seems I can’t?

Looking for a good deal next month return to Sydney from Manila - I’m happy to fly from somewhere else in Asia for the right deal and I’ll make my way there separately.

Ideally I would like to tick off one of these scenarios

*Free flight using miles from one of the airlines above
*Reasonable flight price and use the miles above to upgrade to Premium Economy or Business on at least one of the legs
*Ignore my files and find a cheap flight

  1. I’m on the look out for a one-way flight back from Europe to Asia - probably from London but happy to fly from other hubs in Europe for the right deal.

My end destination is again Manila but happy to fly in to other hubs in Asia (e.g. Singapore, KL, Bangkok etc) and then book a separate flight over to Manila.

Ideally I’d be able to use my miles above or again, book a decent priced flight and upgrade.

Any helps / suggestions for this as would be great.

Thanks all in advance.


No. You cannot transfer qantas points to Asia miles.

You can redeem qantas points on partner Airlines but not transfer points eg to Asia miles

Please forgive me as I expect I’m missunderstanding something fundamental here.

but how do you redeem if you can’t transfer? How would i use FF to redeem it against a Cathay pacific flight, for example?


sorry if this is a silly question.