Using Qantas domestic Sydney lounge when travelling Jetstar

Hi there,

Does anybody have experience using the Qantas domestic lounge at Sydney airport when flying on Jetstar?  Their terms and conditions allow use of Qantas domestic lounges when travelling Jetstar (I have access eligibility), but the Qantas lounge at Sydney domestic airport is in a completely different terminal to Jetstar.  

I'm flying to Cairns shortly and will have a few hours to kill at the airport.  Would be handy to be able to pop over to Qantas terminal and use the lounge.  

I'd appreciate anyone's feedback or experiences.



Hey Jack - did you get let in at the Sydney lounge at the end?

I have no personal experience and nothing to back this suspicion up, but I reckon you’d get turned away. However, entry is often not policed so well so if you just flash your frequent flyer / Qantas Club card you could probably walk on in.

In Melb, jetstar and qantas terminal are in the same section. I have used qantas guest passes (don't have status) before and I'm sure it says if you're travelling qantas or jetstar you can use the qantas lounges. I assume its the same in sydney, just that they're in 2 separate areas. give it a go!

I don't think you will be turned away. I flew Jetstar before and used Qantas Club in Gold Coast and Narita airports and never had a problem. The only issue is JQ departs from a different terminal in Sydney, so you need to allow enough time to walk to the other terminal and go through security again.