Using family pooling on Velocity but my wife's travel about to increase - what should we do?


I’m about to tick over to Gold on Velocity and all my flights and credit card spends are going here.

Currently my wife is pooling her velocity account with mine but she has a new job which is going to increase her travel a fair amount - 4-6 domestic and 1-2 international per year.

Most of her miles are with Qantas and she doesn’t have much of a status with either currently.

Is it better for her to fly star alliance and continue to pool her miles / status credits to mine and potentially push me into Platinum or start pushing her profile more. If so, better to be Velocity or QFF where her points and CC go.

Thanks in advance

Hi Jon,

For your wife’s international flights, where will she be traveling to? In economy or business class?

Does her employer let her choose the airline to travel on, or is it company policy to always travel on airline X?

Does she want to have her own FF status?

Your answers will help me to give recommendations.

Regards, Bluenose