US business class fares - does anyone remember Qantas ever having a July sale?

Hi, I want to know if anyone remembers Qantas ever having a July business class sale for the US, I need to get two tickets for SFO early August for a month and I have Qantas Platinum membership so Id like to be able to use Qantas but the cost is 11,000 per ticket at the moment.

Hi Kamora,

That’s not ringing any bells, but you may have seen the advertising as they are promoting it quite heavily - Flight Centre in New South Wales has an America’s expo coming up towards the end of July where they always have dirt cheap sales for USA airfares.

I went along last year and got premium economy with Qantas to LA and back for under $2000, and normally you can get business for on/around $6000 which is a massive saving. No guarantees it will be available on your dates, but I got mine last year leaving only two months later no problem. Worth checking out perhaps? $11,000 is an obscene amount to pay for business class in my opinion.

Hope that helps!

Qantas recently has a sale but that was only for economy and premium.