Upgraded using points - do I earn more status credit?


Basic question. If I book and pay for a domestic discounted economy ticket with Qantas, and then use points to upgrade to business, do I earn points and status credits at the discounted economy rate? Or do I get credited at the business rate?

Thank you in advance!

no. for all upgrades you only earn points and credits for the class you originally booked in.

Hi for Qantas you will only earn points and status credits on the paid fare of booking, Upgrading with points to business class will Not earn you the extra points & status credits.

As far as my knowledge goes most airlines are similar with this condition, but one exception I know of is Cathay Pacific as far as I’m aware in some classes.

Another thing to note with Qantas is not all discount economy tickets can be upgraded with classic reward upgrades (points upgrade) there may be some exceptions depending on the routes or other factors. Usually fares that are booked in flexible or saver class, they are more likely to be able to upgrad although those with status in the higher tiers, get priority over lower tiers in status, I.e in descending order Platinum/Gold/Silver

Thank you Mark and contract3

Mark is correct. My flight isn’t until next year (August) and myself and my wife have already been accepted for an upgrade!