Unhappy with Velocity - what are the alternative options?

After the accumulation of points and attempting to upgrade with velocity three times and being knocked back three times when there was 3 and 4 seats available on my flight Im a little unhappy with Velocity.

I have booked with Emirates for a flight to Rio next month and am looking to go Greece in July. Is there a way that I can somehow transfer between airline or hotel partners to get from velocity to Skywards? Id much prefer to utilise point where they can be easily used (I currently have 150000 Velocity points)


Transfer between frequent flyer programs are rare. I only know of Krisflyer partnership with Velocity.

Unfortunately, Emirates is not a partner with Velocity. Even when Emirates is a partner with Qantas, their points are not transferable between programs. You could how ever redeem Emirates flights with Qantas pts and vice versa.

Some airlines rather fly with no one in premium seats than release them for redemption. Singapore Airlines is one of these airlines.

‘Singapore Airlines is one of these airlines.’

what? really? I saw the sin air guide and plan for nyc via free stop overs, tho long term seats are on wait list, i m hopeful to get them. If what you said is true, I should not plan for the luck? Have not transferred points yet but I m keen on some clarity. thanks heaps.