Unable to purchase a Qantas Club Membership via ANZ Black - anyone have the same issue?


I had received my ANZ Black Credit Card, last week, which includes a discount on the purchase of a Qantas Club Membership. I have since Monday of last week attempting to purchase a Qantas Club membership. Everytime I call Qantas Frequent Flyer, and inform them I have an ANZ credit card, and wish to purchase a membership on the phone, they proceed to inform me that they cannot do so because they are undergoing a “systems upgrade”.

I have waited patiently, and have contacted them again this afternoon. They have again informed me that I am unable to purchase a membership because of their systems upgrade.

Has anyone encountered this issue? I am travelling overseas in the next couple of days, and thus i’m quite eager to purchase a membership.

Have you tried calling the concierge from ANZ? I haven’t experienced your exact issue though, so not sure if it will work. Otherwise, could you pay the full amount and seek a refund later?