Trouble with alert 5685 UI when trying to book a RTW Qantas oneworld trip

Hi, I’m trying to redeem my Qantas FF points on a OneWorld RTW classic flights rewards. I punch in all the flights, but the system won’t let me progress through to the end. It fails with a ‘5685 UI’ alert. A ggogle search says “This error often appears if you have a multi-city itinerary that includes an Iberia flight/s to/from Latin America”. This isnt my situation. I seem to be within all of the stated rules (5 stop overs, no revisiting any cities, all oneworld carriers (Qantas + 3 others), only 9 flights in total used. Transits are all under 2hr., there is 1 overland leg from oslo to berlin, but even if i add the land miles to the flight miles it’s under the 35,000 max miles allowed. I’m also starting and finishing at the same city (Brisbane). I’ve trying to rejig with different routes, but always the same. Any thoughts on what is wrong would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to get through on phone to qantas … but you know … qantas :frowning:

A full itinerary would be helpful in troubleshooting too if you don’t mind sharing.