Travelling to the USA on Qantas points - should I book 2 x one way or 1 x return flights?

Hi Hackers!
I’m travelling to the USA in July 2024 for approximately 3 weeks and am hoping to use my long-hoarded points to fly business class!
I need to be in NYC by 19th July, but I can be flexible with my return date. I’m also planning on flying out of Dallas FW instead of NYC.
I’m a bronze-tiered member, so I don’t get any special access to rewards flights. Given that rewards seats are hard to get for USA trips, and that there will be a three week gap between when my departure flight and return flight dates are released, do you think I should book 2 x one-way tickets or should I wait for the return flights to be released and book 1 x return flight?
Also, when I’ve looked for DFW return flights in the past, they always seem to return flights with a stop over, rather than a direct flight ot Sydney or Melbourne. Does this mean direct flights aren’t available for rewards flights or does it mean they’ve sold out?
Thanks so much for your help!!!

I would suggest booking each flight separately as you might not see the outbound flight still available if you waited 3 weeks.

If a direct flight is not shown, it usually means the award seat isn’t available (if flight is available when you search for a paid $ flight).


Thanks @w.hiew! Much appreciated!