Transferring Velocity points to KrisFlyer - when will this be available again?

I know there is talk of KrisFlyer and Velocity starting their tranfer option up again after it was suspended in 2020. Does anyone have any idea of when this might be? I know Point Hacks newsletter mentioned sometime in the next few months but wonder if there is a more definitive time line? Thank you

I’m sure there are many who would like to know too but doubt anyone know any definitive timing.

Happy for others to chime in if they know more. Otherwise, I’m sure PointHacks would be reporting on this once it’s made known or started.

Thanks I know what you mean but thought it was worth asking . Here’s hoping it’s soon.

pointhacks has been doing a lot of velocity puff pieces lately but this is literally the only velocity topic i am interested in.


Some more noise on this.

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