Transferring Velocity points to Krisflyer for award saver redemption on Singapore Airlines

I am a Velocity member and have a Krisflyer membership as well.

I have been considering transferring points to Krisflyer to achieve a Business flight to Europe as well as a one way business flight from Hong Kong to Australia.
Looking at the redemption charts saver reward flights are mentioned. Are these readily available?  I don’t want to transfer a heap of points and then not be able to use them.

If you have enough Velocity points to get yourself an award on Singapore Airlines through Krisflyer, this is a pretty good plan.

There’s no general rule on Krisflyer award availability - it’s generally comparatively good, but all dependent on route and date. However, because points transfer from Velocity to Krisflyer are quite fast - possibly even realtime, not sure - you can do your research on what seats are available on the Singapore Airlines website first, and then transfer the points only when you have found the seats you are looking for. Don’t do it in advance.


I will keep that in mind and not transfer my points in advance.

On the note of transferring from velocity to Krisflyer at the rate of 1.35:1, is it worthwhile doing considering the Singapore Airlines taxes are usually much higher than velocity?

You can check the availability and price for your booking before transferring points. I was under the impression points transfer at 1:1 ratio?

I’ve transfered points from KrisFlyer to Velocity before and the transfer was instant so I would assume it’s the same the other way round.

What site is best to use to transfer from Krisflyer points to Virgin American Elevate ? I have about 20K in Krisflyer points. I live in Australia and want to be able to user Elevate points to redeem Virgin Australia flights!

Thank you!