Tips for someone just starting?

Looking for any tips for someone who is just starting out with earning points. Should I just sign up for the different sites or possibly wait until some sort of offers come up which I can gain bonuses when signing up? And any general tips that helped anyone out when they just started getting into earning points. Thanks in advance

My suggestion is read up as much information on this site as you wish to learn.
Have or set some sort of goals in mind once you are educated on whats possible.
Sign up to those reward programs and start collecting points.

sign up for the free email course.

I have read through the email course and think I’ve got an idea on how it all works (to some degree). What I’m more curious about is if there is any decent offers you get from signing up to sites that I should look for or what for them to be offered. For example points being offered when signing up to velocity. Cheers

Sign up to Velocity with my referral link and earn 40 velocity points before 30th April (Easiest is fuel up at BP with velocity, or link an Energy Australia account).

I only seriously looked at collecting points since around November and my missus and I have gone from 40k Velocity points to 180k in that time. That is by no means fast (compared to some of my colleagues who open 2x credit cards a year per person) but hasn’t impacted me in a way that wouldn’t have happened anyway.

Brief summary of my conclusions:

  1. Don’t do things that cost you that you wouldn’t already want to do. I.e. Don’t open credit cards chasing points if you can avoid it - this impacts your credit history.

  2. Search for offers for things you already need or want to do.

  • My wife and I recently had a 2 month honeymoon and in preparation we opened an ANZ travel rewards card for 60k bonus velocity points (really convenient withdrawing money and paying on card overseas - downside is annual fee but offset by free domestic flight which we plan on using)

  • I upgraded my credit card one tier and received 20k bonus velocity points. Did this with view of getting unlimited Priority Pass for me and the wife, which helped on our travels. Although it doesn’t fully offset our annual fee, given we spend big on our card the increased  velocity earn rate pays off the annual fee.

  • Because of an Energy Australia deal I only recently looked at our electricity bill (normally my wife deals with that) - found that we were being ripped off and switched just 2 days ago for a bonus 20k points plus I will get a better electricity and gas deal. (Not received yet though).