Tips for booking QF Business Classic Reward Melbourne to New York?

Hi All. Just after some advice - I have been saving, saving, saving and finally have enough points to book business return Melbourne > JFK…my question is - does anyone know exactly what time of day these flights are released? I keep hearing midnight and am wondering how true that is… any advice or hints and too would be appreciated. Also, I notice that the flights with QF are rarely there when I check during the day, usually there’s only some Cathay flights left…assuming this is because they ‘cost’ more points. Or maybe QF flights aren’t released as often?

Cathay cost more points but taxes are less as far as I know.

QF will cost you a bomb in taxes/fees. Fly CX and avoid the extra costs and pay slightly more points if you have them. Also this means you avoid customs at LAX which is a pain in the arse at the best of times.

278k points return on Cathay is good value IMO.

Also keep in mind that unless you’re gold or platinum you won’t get access to business class flights to LAX/JFK until much closer to the time (can’t remember exactly) so most of them get snapped up early by status holders with QF.