Thoughts on transferring Amex Rewards points to Qantas points with the current bonus offer?

Hi guys I need some advice
I currently have a Amex platinum charge card with about 160k worth of points on it, I’m still in the process of deciding if I’ll keep it after this year or not due to the annual fee but it is a great card with many benefits but I just feel every time I use it I’m paying high %% for those points so I end up questioning their actual vale.

I mostly like to collect Qantas points and normally end up with about 300k a year in points through personal spending and work related spendings, I probably use about 1 business or first class flight every 2 years overseas and always like to fly Qantas and their partnered airlines.

I know Qantas is offering 25% to transfer my amex points over to them at the moment and I’m deciding if I should do that or keep them with Amex until I decide to use them as I may take six months off in a years time to travel and all though I like Qantas for the long haul flights feel I may have more options when the time comes for flights or hotels with Amex but the bulk of my points are in my Qantas account anyways .

Hard to know what the right decision is I guess it’s really do I want Amex or Qantas to be my travel agent and Amex does have a much higher level of service.

What’s your thoughts guys ?

Thanks again Chad

Hi Chad,

It’s a personal decision and preference. My opinion is QFF points are much easier to earn in Australia and I prefer the flexibility of MR points hence I personally wouldn’t do it. However, if you only fly Qantas or have an immediate need to use the Qantas points, it is not a bad idea to transfer during promo periods if you were going to transfer 1:1 anyway.