Thoughts on ACCOR membership status restructure?

Hi, just airing my gripe, anyone else feel the same?

I have been a loyal ACCOR member and the past two years have enjoyed platinum status
However with the restructure of the membership status, i will have to say I will be never get to this or Gold status again.

To retain platinum you would have to stay 60 days, or two months of the year. In Australia we only get 30 days a year holiday, and certainly dont spend every day of my holidays in a hotel!

Given the difficult of enjoying little privileges again as a platinum or gold member, I think I will look elsewhere now! Unfortunate as i do travel to France often, and Accor are great for this destination


Many people (not me) get higher hotel status due to work travel and staying in hotels not just their own annual holidays.

you can actually reach gold quicker than the “nights” target by staying at more expensive Accor hotels as status points of 7000 annually are required. and you get 25 status points per 10 euro spent. or 2800 euros to reach gold. so for example if you’re willing to 150 euro a night, you need 19 nights not 30