The Westpac Altitude Black application form isn't working

I’ve tried applying for a Westpac Altitude Black to take advantage of the 100,000 points offer (tried twice yesterday and once today). The Westpac site let me fill it all in and then came up with an error message that the ‘application form is currently unavailable’. I just phoned Westpac and they weren’t all that helpful…a series of calls (to customer service and the internet team) lead me to simply being told to ‘try another day’ and their applications team would take a look at it. It’s frustrating to see a great offer on your site and then not to be able to submit an application. You may like to follow this up with Westpac and see if you can get them to sort it. Thank you.

I was of the understanding that the Westpac Altitude Black card with a promotion of 100000 points expired on 5th January 2017

Thanks! We’ll let them know they are experiencing issues. Sorry for the run around.