The lack of Qantas classic reward seats to Europe in June/July 2019 - what to do?

Hi all
Not sure if anyone can shed any light on this. I have been checking on a daily basis since early July for Classic reward seat with qantas flying to Europe mid June and returning mid July. It is near or around school holidays when we plan to go. So far there hasn’t been anything come up. I have tried alternate cities in Europe ( I was trying to get to Athens) and some other Europe cities are fine however nothing on return after around 6th July. About a week ago China airlines started appearing on QF as classic reward seats but nothing as yet from Qatar or Emirates. I know around September and oct the airlines will release some specials but am I being hopeful trying to get a classic reward seat? Over he years I’ve had no issue getting seats to America in busy times. I would imagine Europe having so many cities wouldn’t be an issue too however we are also midway through September and I’m worried the later I leave it the more expensive the flights will become to purchase. I will need to purchase two seats and have enough points for two people too as there is 4 of us. Any help would be appreciated or anyone who has had past experience with this

Are you after Econ or Bus?  Cathay have Econ on 12 Jun next year Melbourne to Milan.