Tactics to find Business Class Velocity redemption for Brisbane to USA

My husband and I have been saving our Velocity points for a few years now. I want to book Business class return for two from Brisbane to USA in October next year. We plan to stay away for about 6 weeks.

We have just over 300,000 points so I think we will have enough points to do this. I have only booked reward flights to New Zealand and domestic trips before. Any hints or tips or things I should be aware of? We are very flexible with dates just want to travel in their Fall. Any advice would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hey brushwood

Given you are looking out for flights around 1 year in advance, you should stand a good chance of finding the seats you want. Start looking to see when Velocity opens up their bookings - this is ~11 months out from the day of travel - and look day by day to see if you can snag the seats. As soon as you see them, book them as you have the points available!

Also be prepared to travel to/from Sydney if you find the availability is better.

Hi Brushwood,

If you are looking to travel in October next year, you will have a decent chance at finding redemption seats.

Velocity open redemptions about 335 days out I think.

So it is up to you what date you want to travel, say you want to fly on October 01, then set a reminder on your calendar or telephone to alert you on November 06 2015 to check velocity’s website for the 2 seats.

Another great feature is that velocity allows you to book tickets one way, so you can snag the seats on your outgoing flight.

And six weeks later, say you want to return on November 14, remind yourself to check on December 20 2015, for 2 seats back to Australia.

Be sure to move quick, even check availablity once the clock ticks after midnight :slight_smile: because seats do go fast. Remember early bird gets the worm!

A one way business class redemption will cost 94,000 points each, so 4x will cost 376k.

Thanks everyone for your helpful tips it is much appreciated. :slight_smile: