Tactics for booking a Qantas award flight - two one-ways or a return?

Hi guys, i'm planning a return trip for 2 from SIN-BRU with my QF points. At this stage we only have enough points for 1 way. My question is, shall I lock in the first leg now or wait until I can book the full return. Will it make a difference in fuel/taxes added to the booking?

Just checking you are looking for Singapore to Brussels (BRU) flights? That would probably make most sense as booking with British Airways as SIN-LHR-BRU.

It won’t make a difference on the cost either way to book a return or two one-ways - Qantas don’t give any discounts in points or taxes for a return.


I'd consider the following in your case:

  1. The taxes/fees will be the same whether you book the award flights separately or together (using the Qantas site).  This is because Qantas and their partner's apply the fees and charges to each individual flight, they are not grouped (or discounted) as part of a return trip.  Generally, the only thing that fluctuates on return trips is the cost of the 'fare' itself, as opposed to the fees and taxes.  When you book a normal flight that you pay for, Airlines often apply a discount to their 'fare' if you book a return.  They do NOT however, apply a discount to taxes/fees just because you book a return.  That same principle applies to awards.
  2. If you book a one-way for 2 from SIN-BRU successfully, but then are unable to get availability for the return segments from BRU-SIN, you may end up having to buy a one-way ticket from BRU-SIN.  As you are probably aware, one way tickets are often much more expensive than when purchased as part of a return. 
  3. If you're going to go ahead and book the one way, check first to see generally which direction the fares are more expensive.  In my experience, flying from Australia to Europe one way is cheaper than flying Europe to Australia one way (and sometimes, significantly cheaper).  That may also be the case for Singapore and Brussels.  If you find this is the case, then I'd use your miles to book an award covering the more expensive direction first.  That way, if you end up not being able to get award availability when you get the further points, hopefully at least the ticket you have to purchase will be the cheaper one!

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks for the replies guys! As we where typing the flights from BRU - SIN sold out damnnn

So now i'm thinking SIN-BRU with BA using QFF and back from CDG-PER with Malaysia (first council my partner who doesn't like flying haha) using Amex Membership rewards.

Unfortunately there are no PER-BRU (or anywhere in Europe for that matter) flights available on these dates (aug 5th-sept 6th) 

Do you guys think that since Emirates are running a new schedule with their A380 from may there will be more availability coming up on this route later this year or should i act now before there is nothing left?