Sydney to London - Does Qantas or Velocity FFP have more availabilities?


I am just starting my points journey so have rather less lofty goals than others here.

My ideal outcome from acquiring points is to achieve a reward return flight from Sydney to Heathrow each year (no preference as to airlines).

I do a couple of domestic flights each year and tend to choose Virgin or Jetstar for price but haven’t been diligent in accumulating any points thus far. Accordingly credit card sign ups and spend is likely to be my major source of points.

My question is, between QFF and Velocity, which has greater availability for reward flights from Sydney to London?



There isn’t a factual answer for the above, IMO.

However, I believe there are many more Qantas partner airlines that you can do from Sydney to London. Depending on what class of seats you are after and how early you book in advance, Qantas should be better in this respect.

For Velocity, transferring to Krisflyer may give you better availability. Redeeming Etihad seats with Velocity pts involved a large $ surcharge. Hence, there seems to be less options to get from SYD-LON with Velocity pts.

Note: the above is just my personal opinion. You should also look at the amount of points required between the 2 FFP in the class you want to travel in.