Sydney - Johannesburg Qantas business class award - best ways to find these seats?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking at booking a business class award seat on the direct Johannesburg to Sydney route in July 18, but I can’t find any. I’ve even called the call centre to check the whole of May to Aug, and they couldn’t find any!

Could anyone give me any advice on how I could get my hands on these?


Rewards seats are released about 350 days in advance. I’d suggest literally checking in everyday. My guess is that there is Max 2 per flight and they go very quickly.

I’d add to what Mark has said that flying in July, it will be difficult to say the least. There’s a massive expat community in Australia, and Qantas has the only direct flight - it’s school holidays on the east coast, so I’d imagine the demand is there that Qantas feel they can probably get people paying cash for 90-100% of the seats on any given day.

What seats there are if any will go super quick.

Wow that is very few seats indeed. You’re right, with school holidays it’s no wonder!

Thanks for the replies Mark and Jimmy!