Suggestions on what to do with 540k Qantas points for 2 people?

Hi All, so im looking for the best bang for buck as I want to experience the once in a lifetime 1st Class flight over the other side of the world and back (Sydney home base) I have worked hard to get these points as we are just typical Joes that used Cards to get points for everything and trying to see is 1st class going to one country worth it vs Business/upgrades etc.

I have 340K and partner 200K, from what I have read it seems in Oz First class is dwindling and I feel if we don’t fly in the next year or so then nothing will be left but business in the future.

We were looking for around the world but 420K each it doesn’t seem possible or the use of oneworld I couldn’t book in 1st class for all flights, so maybe it will be better to fly 1st to a country and business return?

Countries of interest Germany, London, Omar/Dubai, Singapore. So what would be the best use of the points and the carrier, do we get the airport lounges as well? USA is last resort as we have been 3 x times and wanted something new.

Im just stuck at making a decision, use points as an upgrade, are they easily available as thinking Oktoberfest in Germany 2018 but cant get tickets on QFFF website.

Help and assistance/advice appreciated as then I will use this to elope O/S as well so a great honeymoon.



Personally, I would suggest Emirates for your circumstances if you want to try First Class.

You could do SYD-DXB-MUC/FRA for 192k QFF  points in First Class (128k for Business Class) one way.

You could do SYD-DXB for 144k QFF  points in First Class (96k for Business Class) one way.

If you want to fund your entire trip with your balance, you could do Business SYD-DXB-FRA and First Class FRA-DXB and Business DXB-SYD about 598k points.

Or you could do 512k points for Business both ways. 768k for First Class both ways for 2 people.

If you are willing to let First Class go, you could do Qantas oneworld RTW up to 35000 miles in 360 days for 280k per person.

How to fly around the world in Business Class for 280,000 Qantas Points with the oneworld classic award

I did a similar “use all my points for a once off trip” last year and flew to HK and then onto NY. I did Business from Sydney - HK - NY and then First Class with Cathay from NY for m return.
Personally - Business was just as good as First. I’m not a huge drinker so they lost me there. But the service, food, lie down bed, clean bathrooms etc were just as good in Business. I would rather go further in Business than blow my points on First.

It took my a long time to save those points. I’d probably do the round the world in Business, 5 stops for 280k.

Good luck!