Suggestions on the best ways to search award seats for MEL-NY mid 2017 using Velocity points?

Hi there,

I am looking to find reward seating (business class) from Melbourne to New York( JFK) sometime next year. I am flexible with dates, as I am just looking for the warmer months. I am not too sure where to start with the searching for these. I have velocity points, and reward points that could be used in velocity or perhaps Kris Flyer.

Does anyone have any advice on how to start the search for these flights?

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Hey there.

I just booked business class to JFK on velocity. Here’s the sitch. Most of the time you’ll be able to get availability in the week before anticipated tracel (though not a guarantee) . If you check often, you can sometimes get availability. I wasn’t able to get availability for a date in December and was about to book using united points instead. When I was about to book, I thought to myself that ill have one last look at velocity and lo and behold the availability was there.

An important tip for JFK. Don’t search to JFK. Search to LAX and then call velocity to search for lax to JFK on virgin America. Their availability isn’t visible online and much more generous than delta

Thanks for that.


I have had a look on the velocity website, and it does not look like there are any ‘reward’ business seats available at all. Have these been phased out?

The business tickets in points are almost all worth over 500k. I know I have booked for far less then this in the past. Am I missing something here?



Hey Skafhold,

Business cabins on a long-haul route such as to New York are highly, highly sought-after, so it doesn’t surprise me that you’re having some real difficulties finding the availability. Reward business seats haven’t been phased out (velocity still offer them) however the airlines make them available based on the demand. During off-peak seasons when they’d be struggling to fill the plane you find these seats are easier to get, whereas during a peak period for travel such as around school holidays, Christmas, public holidays etc. they are tough to come by. The airlines know the demand is there and they will fill the plane anyway.

There a couple of ways you can still snag the business seats which you’re after. It’s risky, but waiting closer to the date it does happen that seats open up for booking if Virgin or Delta or whoever it is notice the flight isn’t selling how they hoped. I say it’s risky because there’s no guarantee they’ll open up and you may end up having to buy a full-fare ticket to get away at the last minute.

The other option would be to buy a full-fare premium economy or economy seat, and to then use your velocity points to request an upgrade. This would be an especially good option if you have some status, and seats by this route are still awesome value compared to what you would pay cash.

Flexibility is your best friend here as well. August you might find is the best month, just because it’s after the July school holidays, before the september ones but still really good, warm weather on the whole, so it’s generally a period of lower demand. Also August reward seats would only have been on sale for less than a month, so you’re not too fare behind the 8-ball. Consider travelling different routing than just the traditional Syd - Lax - NYC, because as a rule the most convenient, quickest, straightest route is the one most people want. Delta or Virgin America might have no seats going say LAX to NYC, but they may have availability LAX to Minneapolis or Salt Lake City or Atlanta or something and then onwards to New York as well. Again, far from ideal routing but that may well help you get what you need.

Hopefully you’re able to get what you need!