Suggestions on the best way to find First Class rewards availability to Europe?


My wife and I have a combined 730k Qantas FF points and within the next month or so we will reach 768k which I think is enough for 2 return first class tickets to Europe.

In a perfect world, we would fly either Cathay or Emirates (preferably both on different legs). We are looking to head to Rome (but any European city is fine) next year over their summer - anytime between June and August 2017 for 3-4 weeks. Very flexible on dates.

I had two questions:

  1. Does anyone have advice on the best way to find availability - happy to go through any other cities on the way there. I'll obviously call Qantas direct to explore possible itineraries but I wondered if anyone had taken a similar route at this time of year?
  2. Is there any possible combo that could combine flying Cathay and Emirates on a return fare to Europe for the 768k points or do we need the RTW fare for 812k?
Thanks for any advice!


Hi Dave,

Sounds like a very exciting trip. I don’t have specific advice from experience but here are my 2 cents worth.

Just by having a really quick look on QFF, I see quite a lot of first class availabilities to Rome from Sydney (not knowing which city you wish to travel from). Most of these are via Emirates though.

I am not sure that Cathay flies first class SYD-Hong Kong, which I suspect is their main hub before flying to Europe. This eliminates a lot of your options to fly Emirates one way and Cathay the other entirely.

However, a quick search shows an option of flying Emirates SYD-BKK then flying Cathay BKK-HKG on first class. So one option is to fly Emirates SYD-Europe then Europe-Hong Kong on Cathay and possibly to BKK then taking Emirates BKK-SYD or take Japan Airlines HKG-SYD if you prefer less stops.

My advice, if you are up for doing your own research, is to check on QFF for Classic Reward availabilities for HKG/Europe or Europe/HKG on Cathay. Then structure your trip by filling in the gaps with Emirates flights. Once you have a list of the flights you need and the dates, ring QFF to make the booking as it may not be easy/possible to book your ‘complex’ itinerary online.

Emirates is open for booking till June 19 and Cathay July 21 2017. Clock is ticking -best to sketch up a plan if you wish to travel between June -August as rewards seats gets picked up quite quickly once they are open for booking.

Push comes to shove, I suppose Emirates First Class all the way isn’t too bad a way to travel =D.

Otherwise, maybe our more well-travelled PH community members can give more concise advice.