Suggestions for Business Class awards from Phuket to Brisbane

Hi All,

Ive been struggling to find seats using lifemiles and FF points from Phuket to Brisbane on 31st October 2015. I also have rewards points and velocity points I can use.

Can anyone recommend some alternate strategies as I need to leave Phuket on 31st of October.

I assume you have tried screen shot technic and there is no flights on either Phuket-BKK or BKK to BNE.

Several ways you can do it, and it’s important in FFP game that you be very flexible. The goal is to get home.

Consider these:

  1. If just Phuket-BKK that has no seat, then get to BKK by other means other than award flights. Catch a train, fly LCC. And use LM for BKK-BNE.
  2. If no flights between BKK-BNE, have you considered other Australian cities such as SYD or MEL?. It's much easier to get a cheap ticket from SYD/MEL-BNE.
  3. If nothing, then try other FFPs. In your case as you said, velocity points. You should be able to redeem VA flights or alternatively, look into KF, as you can transfer VA to KF and fly home on SQ. Assuming you have enough points.
  4. If all else fail, you can always fly Jetstar or Air Asia at much cheaper one way ticket. It mightn't be in business but at least it will get you home.
To play FFP games you need to be flexible not just on the dates but on the airlines and class of travel. Your travel dates are quite close and it's much harder to plan and I am afraid your best chance is buy revenue ticket. Some airlines may release seats on the last minute, in LM's case, watch out for Eva air, they will release seats between TPE-BNE at 2 weeks out if there are unsold seats. But you won't know it until mid Oct. I personally don't like to wait for last minute space, but some professional bloggers do as their job is to fly the plane and live in hotel so they have the flexibility. You need to work out a strategy that works for you.