Status credit help - quickest way to earn 200 Qantas status credits without doing paid business flights?

Hi, we need to find a way to maximise qantas status credits in a hurry - need to earn an extra 200 status credits this month to maintain platinum, already flying Perth-Cairns and Perth-Sydney - any suggestions of any creative ways to max points without too much extra flying time (can’t do paid business flights). thanks

If you can’t do paid business class but want to minimise flying time, that’s a bit of a problem. You’ll either have to do lots of economy flights, or spend lots of points buying a business class any seat reward flight.

If going for my second suggestion, business class to Asia, eg flights to Jakarta or Manila, are often among the most reasonably priced, even last minute, but it’s still not cheap.

If it is only 200 points, that is definitely achievable

You could sign up to Red Planet Portal You do surveys and in return get awarded Qantas points. Generally, you get between 100 and 300 points credited 24hours later per survey.

Qantas Assure is doing a points giveaway atm - Download the app and walk 8000 steps a day to get 30 Qantas points per day for the month of October.

If you have any E-bay purchases you may be making soon

You could buy some wine from Epiqure