SPG data breach notification - Is anyone taking up the offered free identity monitoring service?

Just wondered did anyone get that email from Spg saying they had detected a data breach dating back to 2014. The email then offered a free membership to Experian identity monitoring giving a code to get the year’s monitoring for free. Did anyone take up this offer?

I was wondering whether Experian is similar to creditsimple which is just going to alert you, I guess, if someone tries to use your identity to get credit. Are others signing up for Experian? TIA

Hi Ecco

I received the email  but was unsure of it being genuine because although it seemed to be from the correct address and had a security certificate, it did contain external links which according to the FAQ’s on the starwood info site it should not have any.

I did phone the 24 hour hot line and they could not tell me any details of which of my data had been compromised they said they could get back to me via email that was a week ago i am not really expecting a response.

The monitoring they are offering  seems to be the same company Cathay Pacific offered when they had a security breach a few years ago so i guess it’s genuine but i could not really see much benefit in providing all my details to another company to monitor , if they do find my details for sale on the Dark web i doubt they will  be able to do anything about it.

I also have a new passport since i have last stayed at a starwood property so am not too concerned and have decided just to keep an eye on my credit cards .

Thanks Mint chocolate. I thought the same as you. I’m registered with creditsimple, and I guess how it works is that you get notified if someone is trying to set up credit in your name so you know if someone has your details. One of those services is enough.

Same with me re passport.

That’s interesting that that info line was not help at all. Sounds like it’s all just a butt covering exercise.

I got the email but didn’t bother to sign up to the identity monitoring membership. If you have the time, maybe you should. I suspect it should be quite painless.