Some questions on flying with Emirates to New Zealand - should we earn points with Qantas or Emirates?

Please accept my apology is this has been covered before , But I could not find the answer.
I have a lot of Emirates air miles and have just started collecting Qantas miles via the St George credit card.
We fly 2 - 3 times a year to NZ business class on Emirates A380 out of Brisbane  to Auckland.
a. Is it possible or advisable to transfer our Qantas miles to Emirates ?
b. Is it possible to combine the points / miles from Qantas & Emirates ?
c. We prefer to fly Emirates over Qantas which if any are the best way to use both points ?
Thanks in advance for your suggestions and help

Hi Kev, both are different programs and therefore not transferable. The only reason you can earn QF point on Emirates is because they have a partnership. I would go with Qantas since they are One World so if you hold gold status this will give you more opportunities with other airlines. However if you only fly with Emirates; go and collect points with them. Since QF is the biggest program in Aus it makes sense to focus one it since you have more point earn opportunities such as sign up bonuses and credit card spend.

Ataraxis’ answer is pretty good. Also have a read of this comparison of Qantas and Emirates earn which has a useful example.