Should we fly with Qantas/Virgin for best points earn / redemption on trips to the USA?

Hi. My wife and I travel to the USA at least once per yr (flying economy). Just wondering who would give us a better return on our points for flying economy? Qantas or Virgin,  ie least amount of points needed for a free flight there and back.
Given sometimes, we fly through HNL to California.

Hey Brad,

I set out to start answering this one for you but it’s going to need a bit of maths to research and to run the numbers on how many points you earn vs redemption rates. It’s on my list, I’lll try and do a full post on this in the next week.

One comment I will make is that Hawaiian Airlines (Velocity partner) are expensive in terms of Velocity points, so I suspect if you factor in HNL Velocity won’t come out on top. Gut feel, if you don’t consider HNL, then they will. But there are other ways to get to Honolulu that aren’t with Velocity points that aren’t expensive so potentially buying a paid fare there and points to mainland could be a good way to go.

I’ll take a look in more detail and write it up soon.

Thanks for your response Keith. I look forward to hearing from you.