Should we book Business or First Class for Cathay Pacific reward flights to Zurich - or Business on Emirates?

I’m booking a reward flight from Zurich to Hong Kong using Qantas Points. I have the hard choice of deciding whether my wife and I fly business or first class? What do people suggest? Cathay Pacific have direct flights available in both classes. I have enough points for First but I’m not sure if I should save them as there is about 110,000 point difference with taxes similar in cost.

There is also Business class availability on Emirates A380s but this extends the travel time by about 5 hrs with a stop in Dubai. Taxes are also significantly higher i.e. approx $300 vs $1000. Is Emirates worth the extra time and money?

I haven’t flown Emirates First or Cathay First before, and any responses to this question is going to be all about personal opinion and circumstance - but I’d do Cathay First in a heartbeat, although it would depend on how many more points you have and what else you’d use them for.

Cathay Business Class is excellent. I’d say I’d prefer it to Emirates.

Cathay First Class is supposedly also excellent. If you had no other plans for the extra points, I’d go for it. But if it meant not doing another trip that was important to you - definitely not.

My 2c!