Should my husband get a credit card too to earn points faster?

Hello! Total newbie here, I have just applied for my first rewards credit card. I am wondering if Hubby should apply for one too?
Is it best if I aim for 200,000 points by myself before our trip… or if we both have 100,000 points each
Thank you

Hi @roomewithaview

Welcome to the world of point hacking! And well done for applying for your first rewards card. It’ll be a great feeling when you see those points beginning to come in!

You’re asking for financial advice which is the one area where we’re not allowed go to on this website. Only your husband, or his financial advisor, can answer your question.

What I will say is that within my own household, both my wife and I frequently apply for rewards credit cards – it’s a great way for us to effectively double the number of points we can accumulate (or halve the time it takes to accumulate the same number of points!). However, your financial situation might be very different.

In terms of whether it’s best for one person to have 200,000 points or for two people to have 100,000 points each … especially if you’re starting out I’d recommend accumulating points into a programme such as Qantas Frequent Flyer or Velocity where you can transfer or pool your points to other family members.

All the best!