Should I waitlist for Cathay Pacific flights or wait till closer to departure date?

I’ve booked a Business Class seat for myself and my younger daughter (3 months) for a SYD-AMS trip in June/July 2019 on Cathay Pacific .

I’ve been trying to get award seats for my wife and my daughter (3) on those same flights but have waitlisted them instead via the Asia Miles website.

I was also hoping to get a Companion ticket redeemed for my 3 yr old daughter but the request was rejected as no award availability on those flights, hence the decision to spend more points for a full ticket instead and have her on the waitlist.

Having read up on the changes Asia Miles have made to their award availability, my question is:

“Is it better to waitlist on the desired flights via the Asia Miles website or chance my luck instead 1-2 weeks out instead?”

Any advice or feedback would be much appreciated!

Hi jlui,

I can’t say I am an expert in this but I would personally waitlist a bunch of flights. Bear in mind the end date of the waitlist, which usually is a few weeks before departure date. You might be able to request waitlist again closer to the departure date too.

Since the update to the program in around June, the relative predictability of Asia Miles (including the releasing of unsold seats) has disappeared. Let’s hope things improve soon.

Hi Warren,


Thanks for the tip - especially about the waitlist end date!