Should I use Velocity or Etihad Guest points for travel from Sydney to Greece?

Dear knowledgeable points community! I am very new to the points world and was hoping for some advice. My goal is to get 2 adults and 1 toddler from Sydney to Greece return (ideally Business but may have to be Economy) with (or as closest to) using points. The points accrual strategy is to focus on Velocity as domestic flights are usually with Virgin, have flybuys etc.

The Q is, is it best to redeem points / book Greece tix via Etihad Guest or Velocity? I have AMEX Gateway so can direct to either. There is the 20% bonus points transfer on until tomorrow from AMEX to Velocity so depending on advice will or won’t transfer for the bonus points!

A great Points Hacks post says “for long-haul flights between Australia and the US or Middle East, Velocity redemptions are the way to go” - but not sure about Europe or Greece in particular??

MANY thanks in advance!

Look for Singapore flights on velocity points, you’ll avoid the $$$ fees to book Etihad. Age of toddler? If he/she is under 2 booking through velocity will cost zero points, if booking through KF you’ll have to pay adult points rates or buy a commercial fare @ 10% of adult fare.