Should I use Qantas FF points on Business class Jetstar or just pay for economy?

I’m planning to go to Hawaii and I was thinking of using my Qantas Frequent Flyer points (I have around 300k points)… However when I searched for the classic rewards business class flights for Syd to Hawaii on the dates I want to go (19 May to 17 Jun) there is only the Jetstar codeshare business class flights for 115,200 points and $600.

There was another option to use the Jetstar codeshare business class flights to Hawaii and return with Fiji Airways codeshare business class for 130,000 points and $670.

Now is it worth using my points in for the Jetstar business class codeshare?? or should I just pay $1,100 for a return economy flight to Hawaii with Qantas.


You need to do some math to make an informed decision. Research the dollar cost of business class seats and divide that by the number of points required. That will give you the ‘point value’ in cents. 3 to 4 cents per point is considered pretty good value.

Comparing points redemption for business class seats, to cash for economy is like comparing apples to oranges :wink: