Should I use my Amex points for Europe in July 2019 or save it for another trip?

Hi Legendary Community,

Like everyone, I am trying to find the most efficient cost effective use of my AMEX points and hope you borrow your brains.

Situation - my girlfriend and I are planning to take a (partial) business trip to Europe, end of July 2019 for approx. 3.5 weeks.

Travel plan - SYDNEY-> (stopover dependent on carrier)->AMSTERDAM -> BARCELONA -> (stopover dependent on carrier) -> SYDNEY

I have ~235000 AMEX Gateway points and was hoping to upgrade (both of us) for the entirety of the trip.

Is this going to be too much of a stretch?

Happy to cough up for Premium Economy over Economy if need be.

Reading the guides the likely choices will be AsiaMiles or Krisflyer.

Or am I dreaming and would be much better off saving the points for a future South East Asia trip?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a million.

Refer her and pocket the points. See you have enough to upgrade the long leg both ways.

Do economy or premium to asia