Should I use Gold or Platinum member account to request for Qantas upgrade?


I am traveling on Qantas A380 with my wife and my infant son from London to Melbourne (via Singapore). We are all booked on same ticket in business class - purchased with cash.

My status is Gold. My wife status is Platinum.

First question is are we all eligible for upgrade to First class given we’re travelling with infant? Looks like we can definitely make the request (and we have enough points).

Second question, does it matter who’s FF account the request comes from? i.e. if it is me (GOLD) to put the request in will it classify the request as GOLD priority or PLATINUM priority remembering my Wife is booked on the same ticket.

I assume it doesn’t matter who puts in the request and the upgrade will be treated as PLATINUM regardless.

If anyone can clarify that would be great.


Hi Huggo78,

Best to transfer the points to your wife’s account since she is a Platinum member. Platinum members has priority over Gold with upgrade requests.